Guillermo Laporta

Guillermo Laporta is a New York City-based flutist, designer, director, and producer. He is currently the executive and artistic director of CreArtBox. His work present wide-ranging multidisciplinary connections between music and other art forms.

"Criticks Picks Two Roads" (New Yorker)

"a new ensemble devoted to multidisciplinary events makes its debut with a concert designed by flutist Guillermo Laporta" (Time Out)

"a schocking staging" (El Pais)

"you should check out this amazing presentation of Guillermo Laporta’s AWAVE" (Times Ledger)

"a unique take on classical music" (Times Ledger)

"impeccable sound design by Guillermo Laporta" (Mozvr)

"Guillermo Laporta knows how to design for a festival" (Theasy)

"an explosion of rhythm, color and sensitivity" (El Diario del Alto Aragon)

Directed by Guillermo Laporta and Josefina Urraca, the remarkable production (VISUALITY) fuses together a variety of art forms to create a wholly authentic, visually and aurally compelling experience" (Broadway World)

“a full scale set design and a unique visual approach” (I care if you Listen)