Performance Archive

Fragile Form

Sep 2022
New York

A part of: CreArt Music Festival

Wherever one turns

April 2022
New York

A part of: CreArt Music Festival

We can learn

April 2022
New York

The fragility of our surroundings is defined by the intervention of action, fueled by time. Objects, emotions, and thoughts alter
their destiny reversing from complete to broken in a fraction of a second. Are we ready to change our behaviour and learn form the past?

A part of: CreArt Music Festival

Childhood Memories

April 2022
New York

a part of

Pari Intervallo

December 2021
New York

Closing night of the 2021 CreArt Winter Music Festival. Pari intervallo is a composition by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, written in
1976 in four parts without fixed instrumentation. ⁠

a part of

A Wonderful Day

December 2021
New York

Third night of the 2021 CreArt Winter Music Festival. Featuring music by Grieg, Beethoven, Pärt, Bloch, Guillermo Laporta, and Timo

a part of

The Bringer of Pace

December 2021
New York

Words and melody grow within this performance led by the baritone voice. The disparity between pieces like Piano Phase and Falla’s
compositions immerse the listener in an eclectic universe supported only by the sensitivity of the audience.

a part of

Then I Knew

December 2021
New York

This performance exhibits one of the most evocative chamber music ensembles (flute, viola, and harp). Claude Debussy confronted unique
textures and elevated to the mainstream this formation by composing one of his best-known pieces.

a part of

Lighting The Dark

October 2021
New York

A piano recital that combines classical repertoire alongside new pieces by Queens composers, finding a connection between the old and
the new music, surrounded by an interactive space, with video mapping and projections design.

12 Queens Preludes

October 2021
New York

A composition of 12 preludes for flute and piano written by Guillermo Laporta during lockdown exploring the concept of “looking back
at memories before life-changing events”.

Leiguarda Music

August 2021
Music Festival
Leiguarda, Asturias

A project that aims to revitalize rural areas through cultural projects of international impact. We promote the use of unconventional
disused spaces and encourage rural / cultural tourism by attracting artists from international cultural currents.

Web Experience Music Festival

May 2021
Online Music Festival

CreArtBox explored how to make “a music festival on a website”. With visual artists and dancers to present an interactive online
program based around classical and contemporary repertoire for solo flute, piano, violin, cello, baritone and piano, and flute and

Two Roads (Manhattan Premier)

February 2020
Opera/Dance Production
The Tank Theater

Two Road materializes the inner thoughts of Elle, scrutinizing the choices that she made throughout her life in an apocryphal attempt
to write a letter to a future self, a reincarnation or a future generation.


December 2019
CreArt Music Series
Renee Weiler Concert Hall

CreArtBox collaborates with the Arte String Quartet to present a program based around Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5.

Awave in Japan

November/December 2019
Internatioal tour
Ryogoku Monten Hall

Live production of Awave in Japan. In collaboration with the costume and set designer Mizuko Kaji. Awave is a multimedia concert
experience for flute, piano, video, and electronics written by Guillermo Laporta. Rooted in the influences of the symphonic sound,
classical chamber music, theatrical sound design, and soundtrack composition. Awave blends sound and space through Guillermo’s own
music, words, and images.


October 2019
CreArt Music Series
Renee Weiler Concert Hall

CreArtBox and Parhelion Trio join forces to kick off their 2019/20 concert series in an evening inspired by Claude Debussy’s Songs of

CreArt Music Festival

August/September 2019
Plaxall Art Gallery

The festival strives to present classical and contemporary music in a modern way, using eclectic programming and a strong visual
component to engage and enthuse audience members. This edition was presented in collaboration with LIC Artists and supported by the
Queens Council on the Arts and the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain.


March 2019
CreArt Music Series
Renee Weiler Concert Hall

Music by Pulitzer Award winner, Ned Rorem, Mendelssohn, and Haydn, performed by CreArtBox.

Awave Within

January 2019
CreArt Music Series
Renee Weiler Concert Hall

Greenwich House Music and CreArtBox music group, supported by the Amphion Foundation, presented a performance with music by Meredith
Monk, Guillermo Laporta, Copland, Poulenc, Mompou, and Telemann, with the collaboration of the Italian-American actor, Jacopo

CreArt Music Festival

August 2018
Plaxall Art Gallery

Taking advantage of its ideal location in trendy LIC, this festival presents classical music in a modern way, incorporating other
disciplines into the concerts.

Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, Martin Bresnick, Ransom Wilson and Le Train Bleu

March 2018
CreArt Music Series
New York Society for Ethical Culture

While a full orchestra usually performs Mahler’s most popular symphony, Erwin Stein helped bring it to life for chamber orchestra in
this unique arrangement. We were thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate to perform this masterpiece with Le Train Bleu, and
conductor Ransom Wilson.

Joshua Penman, Lewis Lockwood, Beethoven, Debussy and Bryce Dessner

January 2018
CreArt Music Series
New York Society for Ethical Culture

CreArtBox continued its mission working with living composers presenting a new piece written by the American Composer, Joshua Penman.
The performance included a brief pre-concert talk by the Beethoven scholar and biographer Lewis Lockwood.

JP Jofre, John Cage, Florent Schmitt, David Lang, Telleman, Guillermo Laporta and Rachmaninoff

October 2017
CreArt Music Series
New York Society for Ethical Culture

CreArtBox collaborated with JP Jofre who has been repeatedly highlighted by the New York Times and praised as one of today’s leading
artists by Great Performers at Lincoln Center.

Timo Andres, Anna Clyne, David Lang, Dvorak and Telemann

May 2017
CreArt Music Series
New York Society for Ethical Culture

The New York Society for Ethical Culture and CreArtBox presented a new edition of the CreArt Music Series. In this third edition,
CreArtBox performed music by David Lang, Meredith Monk, Anna Clyne (New York premiere of Just As They Are), Timo Andres, Joshua Penman
(World premier of Dawnlight), Dvorak, and Telemann.

Visuality VII

December 2016
Dance/Theater Production
Queens Theatre

Visuality is a music and theater production which develops a narrative inspired by studies by Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers, where a
psychoanalyst explores the deepest thoughts of his mind through music, poetry, and observation. Written by Guillermo Laporta and Jacopo
Rampini and choreographed by Marissa Maislen, this production, fuses the music of Sebastian Currier, Joshua Penman, Debussy, Paul
Moravec, Jacob TV, Joan Tower, Marcos Fernandez, and Frederic Rzewski.

Todd Reynolds, Luke Dubois, Meredith Monk,Messiaen, Marcos Fernandez and Frank Martin

November 2016
CreArt Music Series
DiMenna Center

CreArtBox presented the second edition of the CreArt Music Series with two guests: violinist and composer Todd Reynolds and video
artist Luke Dubois. On these performances, audiences of all ages gathered together to experience a unique event where classical music
meets visual art creating an exceptional experience.

Debussy and Respighi flute sonatas

October 2015
Chamber music concert and recording

This CD, with its ardor for the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, reimagines the music for violin and piano of
Claude Debussy and Ottorino Respighi, expanding it into the repertoire of the modern flute. The recordign was made in the Summer of 2016
at Oktaven Studios, New York City.

Visuality VI

May 2015
Dance/Theater Production
Clemente Soto Velez Center

VISUALITY 6 was almost an identical production to Visuality 5. CreArtBox was a resident ensemble at the Flamboyan Theater at the
Clemente Soto Velez in New York City. This project is the last one before shifting into a scripted production the following year.

¨A is for Aye Aye¨

May 2015
Soundtrack recording
Michiko Studios

CreArtBox recorded the soundtrack for this short film. A young girl named Iris is transformed by her encounter with an engraving from
a nineteenth-century book. Tired of the offerings of the virtual world, nine-year-oldd Iris wanders down Fifth Avenue and into the New
York Public Library’s Picture Collection.

Visuality V

March 2015
Dance/Theater Production
The Tank Theater

VISUALITY 5 continued the evolution of a multimedia concert that explores the visual aspects of music. Each piece explores how light
and sound can intersect in their purest form. Visuality was considered an ongoing series that explored the concert of “Visual

Visuality IV

November 2014
Dance/Theater Production
Touring production (NY and DC)

VISUALITY is a multimedia concert that explores the visual aspects of music. Each piece explores how light and sound can intersect in
their purest form. Visuality was considered an ongoing series that explored the concert of “Visual Concert”.

Visuality I, II and III

May 2014
Dance/Theater Production
Cervantes Institute, DiMenna and Spectrum

The three first productions of Visuality were the genesis of a music series that explored the visual aspects of music with a
narrative voice guiding the audience through and almost meditative journey. This project evolved into a new scripted production during a
total of 7 productions from 2014 to 2016.

Paris a.m.

December 2013
Chamber music concert with poetry
Gershwin Hotel and Cervantes Institute

Paris a.m., a production that explores how the city of Paris and its artists inspired the age of Impressionism. The show interweave
visual projections and actors reciting French poetry within the chamber music of Debussy, Roussel, and Pierne.

NYC Debut

August 2012
Chamber music concert
National Opera America Center

“A new ensemble devoted to multidisciplinary events makes its debut with a concert designed by flutist Guillermo Laporta, who gathers
a handful of very sharp freelance musicians—including cellist Yves Dharamraj and bandoneon virtuoso J.P. Jofre—as well as choreographers
and visual artists. The group’s maiden voyage is set to works by Mussorgsky, Duruflé, Jofre, George Crumb, Jacob ter Veldhuis and Marcos
Fernández.” (TimeOut)


October 2011
Chamber Opera
Touring production (Spain)

A chamber opera with music by Marcos Fernandez and libretto by Guillermo Laporta and Tagore Gonzalez, co-produced Cre.Art Project,
Audiencia Theater (Soria, Spain), Barakaldo Theater (Bilbao, Spain) and San Francisco Concert Hall (Huesca, Spain).


Musical Theater/Film
Touring production (Spain)

A musical theater production with more the 100 artists involved. Combining cinema and live theater with live jazz, drum & bass,
indian, classical music, contemporary dance, acrobats, video mapping and narrative. A show that makes the city of London, its frenetic
pace and its people from all over the world, their common thread. Cinema, theater, ance, circus and live music come together in this
show with 18 artists on stage.

“A shocking staging” (El Pais)