A music festival on a website?

Presenting concerts during COVID is being a constant challenge. Concerts via Zoom or live streaming on YouTube are serving as a tool to
continue connecting with the audience. For me, personally, the distractions that exist around the computer screen (or even more so with the mobile phone) are too high a barrier to offer an interesting experience at home.

So thinking about how to present our annual festival with CreArtBox, I came up with a new idea. If our means of access to the public is going to be the computer screen, let’s find a way to capture the public’s attention through an interactive web page where you can watch the concerts at your own pace, mix the music with visual creations and read about the pieces and the artists.

I also wanted to minimize the habit of jumping to different sections of the videos, eliminating controls on the players and inviting the visitor to take a break and enjoy the music as if it were a live concert. The website was specifically designed to be experienced on the computer, and not on the mobile. That way I think the videos are better enjoyed and the experience makes much more sense.

What we have finally done, has been programing 6 concerts of solo instruments and duets with works by the composers John Harbison, Mario Diaz de Leon, Mozart, Bach and Britten, performed CreArtBox’s musicians Mari Lee (violin) Julia Yang (cello ), Nathaniel Sullivan (baritone) and Josefina Urraca (piano). Also, we have commissioned a series of visual creations from artists Robert Sirvent, Julia Hsia, Sara C. Sun, Sarah K. Williams, Marieken Cochius.

Tickets can be purchased on the CreArtBox website (www.creartbox.nyc) once the ticket is purchased, we will send you a private link that you can share as many times as you want so it can also be a special gift for someone special.

Here you have  some screenshoots! I hope you like it!